House On The Rock: The 7 Building Blocks of Christianity

Carson outlines the foundation for a spiritual house that is sound and sturdy and able to withstand the test and pressures of time. Permanency and stability can only be achieved if each block is set solid and strong. Discover how to build your spiritual house. 


Finding the Right Path: 5 Tips for Hurting Churches from the Consulting Pastor

If your church has been in a downward spiral, with no end in sight, these tips from the Consulting Pastor will get you moving in the right direction. Targeting the process itself, these tips quickly help you understand the next steps you must take to reach the decisions necessary for change.


The Eternity Principle: Finding God in This World And in the Next

For all time our biggest question has been What is our destiny? Knowing so little about our origin, we yearn to know more about our purpose in life. And we wish we could speak with certainty about what happens to us beyond this life. In short, each of us wants to feel more confident about here and there. In what the author calls The Eternity Principle, you will learn about the real connections between our world and the spiritual world. You will discover the possibilities of contacting a God who is interested in your hopes and fears. And you will see how to reach the horizon where this world ends and eternity begins.


Remembering the Future: Thoughts on Faith and History (Audio CD)

On this unique CD Dr. Carson shares his thoughts on the connection between faith and history. He discusses the world and belief in God in historical context, giving new meaning and applications to everyday living. Exploring the historical context of our beliefs in God and their relation to the world we live in, he discusses the uses those meanings have in everyday life. Carson’s focus on the future can light the way for closer relationships with Christ and his people.


A Future History

If Disciples are to have A Future History, then it is incumbent upon us to continue proclaiming the central tenets and doctrines of the Christian movement. When Barton W. Stone, Alexander Campbell, and other founders established the Christian Church (or Disciples), they had in mind certain principles that they believed were absolutely essential for the content and structure of the True Church. Now that we are in a new century and a new millennium, we must guard and preserve these essential elements if we are to remain true to the Stone-Campbell vision.


Central Casting

"Central Casting is my new book on communion – the heart of our faith. If you are like me, then the Lord’s Table becomes more precious to you with each passing year."
- Glenn Thomas Carson, president, Disciples of Christ Historical Society

"I recommend this book to all within the Stone-Campbell family as a primer for understanding our practice of the ‘Open Table’ as central to the Christian faith and to the church’s life. Dr. Carson sets forth biblical, historical and theological foundations of the practice of the weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper. Written in a style of an extended Communion meditation, this book offers fresh insights about a faith tradition and identity that have been born at the Table 'that beats steadily with the love of Christ."
- Robert Welsh, President, Council on Christian Unity


One Church: A Bicentennial Celebration of Thomas Campbell's Declaration & Address

One Church is a celebration of the two-hundredth anniversary of Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address (1809). But it is much more. In the spirit of that stirring plea for unity from the beginnings of Stone-Campbell heritage, this volume restates Campbell’s Thirteen Propositions and issues a new call for our churches to live out that vision of unity in the twenty-first century.


Calling Out the Called: The Life and Work of Lee Ruthland Scarborough